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If you really want to impact a large audience you'll need a strong process.


      We developed our signature process using over 500+ research studies of how content connects to the brain. Yup. #Brainiacs  



  • First, we would examine your course as it relates to the product suite and how the various components fit together inside of your customer journey. This pillar is designed so that your sales are interconnected and your clients are not simply purchasing one course.



  • Next, we will redesign your existing content into an impactful course where we retrain the way your customers think about your content so that they are ready to take the next steps with you. This pillar is designed so that your customers see the value in your content and you develop greater brand equity.


  • Finally, we will examine and make recommendations to improve your marketing materials as they specifically relate to course completion. In addition we will examine and make recommendations regarding engagement strategies to give your clients every possibility for success. This pillar is designed so that there is a stop gap at every turn to prevent possibilities of your customers falling out of your course and out of your funnel.


What people say...


I brought Dr. Carrie Rose on board to collaborate with me to take my Hug Your Haters book and turn it into a dynamic, powerful, transformative Keep Your Customers course.  I really wanted to put out a high quality product, so I enlisted Carrie to bring out the teachable moments from my existing content.

She has developed a unique perspective on content creation that is based in research on how people learn and was able to take her understanding to add questions, activities, and actionable items that really stretch thinking to create greater impacts.

I’m proud to offer this course as a part of Convince and Convert. I was very impressed with Carrie’s work, and I’m not easily impressed.

- Jay Baer, Convince & Convert



There are few people I've worked with that I can say were HUGE parts of my ability to have success with my online business. Carrie Rose tops that list. 

When I started out I was pretty much winging it and hoping my content would land, but it was hit or miss. Until I spent an hour on the phone with Carrie and she melted my brain. 

She made it crystal clear why I was struggling to get people to pay attention to my marketing, sell my products, and complete my courses. All from simply understanding how to present and teach information to clients. 

After working with her my numbers all increased. Followers, conversions, sales, and retention. Which was huge when it came to upsells into new programs. 

-  Anthony Trucks, Trucks Industries




When it was time to update our online course content, I approached Dr. Carrie Rose because she has the credentials of a legit educator and her methodology for course creation is based in research.

She helped me reorganize my content in a way that make it more easily consumable by my students. This resulted in a better comprehension of the content and my customers report that it " got their heads nodding."

As a business owner, this impacts our bottom line as we have less refunds. I found the experience of working with her to be seamless and fun! I would recommend her to people who are ready to up-level their online course content to true university level training. 

- Kate Buck Jr. , social Media Manager Pro (SMMPRO)