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Membership Programs

Private Community 

Join the Ofcourse private community is jammed packed full of awesome content, free trainings, like-minded course creators, and some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the online business space. 



The Laptop Launchpad Business Challenge

In this 7 day business challenge we cover the fundamentals of growing a business online + the tech tools and strategies that will put you on the path to success. 

This program is designed to give you an insider look and a jumpstart to growing your business on the internet. 

We cover : 

  • Lead Building Strategies 
  • Landing Pages
  • Automation
  • Growing email lists

Branding For Course Creators 

In this 5 part program we teach you our proven frameworks for building a personal brand and breakdown the details of what elements, tools, and strategies that will empower you to build a powerful brand of your own. 

This course was designed by a doctor of education using our distinct proprietary process.

  • Developing A Personal Brand
  • How To Get The Right Logo For Your Company
  • Using Photographs To Impact Your Audience
  • The Power Of Video
  • Launching A Website

The Course Creators Method

The course that will show you exactly how to build a powerful online course of your own.

This program was designed & developed by a doctor of Education using over 500+ Research studies to determine exactly what methods cause the greatest degree of influence and engagement with learners.

  • Proper lesson structure & development
  • Program Design
  • Increase  learning capacity, engagement, completion
  • How to deeply impact your audience 
  • Course Deployment Tools

The Course Execution Workshop (Live Intensive)

In this 3 Day execution workshop we'll give you our proven strategy for building online courses and assist you with building all of the necessary elements to build, structure, and sell your online programs to your desired audience. 

The  program was designed by a doctor of education using our distinct proprietary process that will give you the ability to build powerful online courses for your business in a matter of days. 

  • Custom designed Course Strategy & Development
  • Learn our proprietary process we use to get higher course completion rates
  • Coaching sessions with a doctor of Education
  • We build your custom course content with you
  • Employ (LMS) Learning Management Systems to host your courses
  • Our video production team will film all of the necessary videos for your course
  • Completed online course- ready to sell

The Online Course Success  (Summit)

40+ World-Changing Entrepreneurs Reveal How to CreateMarket & Sell Your Online Course AND Use It to Build A Business.

We’ve brought together 40+ of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs to teach you the 3-step approach to create, market & sell your first online course.

They’ll show you how to do work once (building your course) and get paid for it forever (passive income) while also growing your brand, business or following.

  • Designing Your Course
  • Marketing & Publishing 
  • Monetizing Your Information


The Completed Course (Book )

Heads-up: 97% of All Online Courses Are Never Completed. This Is Your Roadmap to Beating the Odds In 2018. 

The Completed Course features 30+ World-Changing Entrepreneurs Sharing Their Secrets To Creating Online Courses People Love From Start To Finish.

  • Do you want to truly impact people through your course?
  • Do you want to create raving fans of your work?
  • Do you want to boost your bottom line and create the life you crave?

The Completed Course is now available on Amazon!