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We help purpose driven businesses & entrepreneurs build highly engaging online courses that scale & provide an experience their audience will love.


What we do.

What we do is what we believe....and we believe that at no other time in history have we been able to share information and connect with people in a way that can create transformation on such a massive scale with online courses. We focus on the strategies and techniques that yield the greatest impact so that your message is delivered with velocity and reach.  


Who we serve.

We are super clear on this. The jury is in, and our focus is on making a real difference for those who serve others. So, we work specifically with purpose driven entrepreneurs to ensure that they are equipped with the greatest tools for creating online courses so that they can make the biggest impact possible. 


What problem do we solve?

We are super clear on this too, if you're not already aware the online course industry is worth about 255 Billion dollars per year, and yet 97% of the people who purchase these programs never finish. We think that's deplorable. What is means is people are being severely underserved. We show purpose driven entrepreneurs how to create online courses that yield high completion rates, highly engaging, and is designed to keep their customers in their funnel.


What is our unfair advantage?

Everyone has unique qualities & skills, we just happen to have a bunch. Biggest advantage - we care and we're bold enough to make the necessary changes our industry needs, and skilled enough to innovate using education and marketing strategies. 

Oh, and we developed our process using over 500+ research studies of what causes people to learn when consuming content, and developed a unique process leveraging the most impactful findings.  


Who are we? 

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Heart & Soul. 

Dr. Carrie Rose is an #1 Best Selling Author, Educator, Entrepreneur,  & Keynote Speaker, Thinkific Expert, and notably one of Huffington Posts Must Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017. 

She holds an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida, wrote her doctoral dissertation on Professional Development, and is best known for her innovative teaching strategies & methodology,  her current research is in course completion rates & connecting online course development with The Science of Learning.

Her methods have been shared with Neal’s Yard Remedies, The National Main Street Organization, JetBlue and more. 

Currently, she works with entrepreneurs, online marketers, and businesses around the country to provide the highest quality of learning strategies with the greatest amount of impact on a variety of different platforms.

I believe everyone should be given fair opportunities to learn and the tools to build a life worth living. "

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Creative & Strategic.

Lechon Kirb is a Digital Media Strategist.

He gained early popularity from documenting singer/songwriter Usher, which was quickly placed in the famed, ORIGIN Magazine. The momentum launched him down the path of helping many other brands, publications, media outlets, and magazines enhance their brands. His current focus is helping entrepreneurs reach their ideal audience and monetize their attention through digital products.  

Most notably -

Forbes, Red Bull, Universal, NBC, BET, VH-1, PBS, Smirnoff, Master Of The Mix, Hootsuite, Buzzfeed, Holstee, Huffington Post and more.

Being inspired to make a larger impact, he would go on to develop a proprietary process that leverages the power of human connection with personal branding & digital products.

I believe your story has the power to set hearts on fire and impact the world in a profound way. "

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